The Bible

The Bible:
Most Christians see the Bible as the infallible word of God. They hold the belief “if the Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it.” It pains me to admit that I held this belief for over thirty years of my life. Before we dig into what the Bible actually teaches, I wanted to give a brief history of the book.
The Bible was written by forty different authors over a period of fifteen hundred years in three different languages that the average American can’t read (sorry folks but it wasn’t written in English). The actual book itself was canonized in 325CE by the Council of Nicaea formed by Constantine. A group of men decided which books would make the cut and did not give an explanation as to why the others did not make it, i.e The Gospel of Thomas.
Christians today will stand and defend their beliefs using this book and quote scriptures as if they are fact. I find this to be ironic because in fact what they actually believe in is something that was written down some fifteen hundred years ago. There is no way to actually prove what was written down. All that can be proven is THAT it was written down. They are believing in a piece of papyrus paper that is really really old and just happens to have something written on it.
The texts in the Bible are, indisputably, written by human hands. Not a single word in the Bible was penned by God. The writers obtained their information through what is the equivalent of the game telephone; one person told another person who told another person and so on. If you have ever played this game as a child you know how easy it is to get words turned around. You start with the sentence “my car has white fenders” and the end result could be “my cat has long whiskers.” It’s just not fathomable that the words you read in the Bible are one hundred percent accurate. It is more plausible that a ton of information was lost, changed or added through multiple translations until it was finally printed in English.
Two Billion people are walking around with their hands firmly grasped around a book that in no way can be proven to be accurate yet they consider it to be the rules to which they live by. I can remember the acronym I was taught as a child for the Bible; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Now as a non-believer I sit back and question these basic instructions. It is these basic instructions we will be focusing on in the future.


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