He that picks up stick shall surely die

This story is pretty cut and dry, or so they say. I will let you decide at the end just how cut and dry it really is.

And while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man that gathered sticks upon the sabbath day. And they that found him gathering sticks brought him unto Moses and Aaron, and unto the congregation. And they put him in ward, because it was not declared what should be done to him. And they Lord said unto Moses, the man shall surely be put to death: all the congregation shall stone him with stones without the camp. And all the congregation brought him without the camp, and stones him with stones, and he died; as the Lord commanded MosesNumbers15: 32-36.

I have some issues with this story which should not comes as a surprise to anyone who follows this blog. Let’s first point out that the children of Israel needed to mind their own damned business! What business of there’s is this man picking up sticks?

They capture the man and bring him before Moses. I wonder it they asked the man about his religious beliefs  or if he even believed in God. Maybe he didn’t believe in the Sabbath. Hell they didn’t have the wherewith all  to ask his name. He is known as ‘a man’. Well, does the man have a name? Where is he from? Does he have a wife and kids? Is he gathering sticks needed to prepare a meal for his family? If it is winter, is he gathering to stay warm? We know none of this. All we know is those nosy ass Israelite’s can’t keep their noses out of other people’s business!

So now, this man, that we know absolutely nothing about, has been captured against his will and is standing in front of Moses. Who made Moses the king of the Jews? Maybe they crucified the wrong man! Not knowing what to do, Moses and Aaron had him jailed. So here is what we know thus far. The unnamed man has been taken against his will, brought before men he does not know (Moses and Aaron), thrown in jail, and what is his crime? Oh that’s right! He picked up a stick! How dare he!

The God of Love tells Moses that the man shall be stoned to death. Really? So much for a fair hearing and a fair trial. Apparently all you had to do is listen to the voice in your head and do as it says. Just as an invisible God commanded, the people murdered the man by burying him up to his neck and stoning him to death. That’s right, that’s how they stoned people in Biblical times.

I can’t help but wonder about the man’s family sitting there waiting for daddy to arrive home. Did anyone get a message to them telling them that God had him killed? Did God drop by and explain the man’s heinous crime? Nope, not a word of this in the Bible. God and Moses basically gave them big ‘F-you’ and started created fringes on their garments. Read a little farther in the chapter if your interested in how they went from murder into sewing.

So what’s the moral to this story? God sucks as human relations! He would rather you starve to death and freeze to death than to do something to prevent it on his holy day. But hey, God is love, God is love.


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