Where is the plane?


There are multiple articles flooding the web about the missing plane in Malaysia. You can read the most recent article here. I am a diehard skeptic at heart and when I started hearing about an airplane disappearing out of thin air my thoughts immediately turned to the movie Wag the Dog.

If you have not seen this movie, you are really missing out! In the movie, Robert Di Nero along with Dustin Hoffman, create a fake war in a studio to take America’s attention from a sex scandal involving  the president. You must watch this movie, it will change everything for you. This missing plane seems like a textbook case of attention diversion. I have a very hard time believing that a massive 777 could just disappear without anyone on the planet seeing or hearing this airplane. So, I am left wondering, what is being covered up by diverting everyone’s attention to an invisible airplane? I know there will be those people who will label me another conspiracy theorist and I’m cool with that. I think it is a huge disservice to anyone to not be skeptical in all things.

I am a humanist at heart, so to the families that have a loved one on the plane, my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine the feeling one must feel when a loved one is missing. The not knowing would drive me crazy so you have my sympathies.

Folks, I know there will be people who have a problem with this post and I really don’t care, but there must be something the public isn’t being told. We are left to speculate at this point and I would encourage everyone to take a look behind the curtain. You may be surprised by what you find.


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