Hey Christians! How Are These Statements Wrong?

The Buy-bull Journal

If you are a christian and think these are wrong, then please send me evidence links stating otherwise on @buybulljournal .

If not, then please just submit and give up and realize that you’ve been living a lie.

1) There is no proof the Exodus ever happened and no proof that Moses existed. In fact there is lots of proof the Exodus never happened.

2) Genetic inbreeding as the Adam and Eve story says, is impossible.

3) You were indoctrinated, as a child, or brainwashed to christianity when older by being caught while you were emotionally vulnerable.

4) There is nothing historical about the bible and there is no evidence about anything in the bible being true.

5) The Gaawd of the old testament can be classified as very evil and psychopathic and not at all loving.

6) The authors of the gospels are unknown.

7) Matthew and Luke are…

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