PRAYER IS . . . .


By Dave Henrie

A member of the Arizona State Legislature recently made a point of advertising he is an Atheist and wanted to lead a prayer in an opening session of the Legislature. Because the ensuing discussion reduced important time which could have been devoted to critical matters of government, why is it necessary for anyone in government (and anywhere else) to advertise their religious preference? Moreover, why pray in any government building?

I am an Atheist with no interest in anyone knowing it. And through out my life, including when I was a Theist, my religious “beliefs” were private along with those of a very large majority of Americans until John F. Kennedy campaigned for President.

It was the Al Smith “thing” all over again!

Although I did not hear any comments like that of Baptist Bob Jones (Bob Jones University) who’s infamous remark, too vile to repeat here, must haunt those who opposed and still oppose Barack Obama as President because of his race.

Prayer in any legislative body anywhere is simply wasted time.

And should all the Theists in America unite at noon tomorrow Chicago time and pray as one for the end of child abuse in America at noon the next day, guess what?


One thought on “PRAYER IS . . . .

  1. drshellking April 20, 2016 at 7:32 PM Reply

    Invocations are a waste of time and can be a way to keep non-Christians out of the “boys club” and the public eye. It appears as though some states violate the Establishment clause more frequently than others.

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