Every Sperm is Not Sacred



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GOD BLESS MONTY PYTHON! Oh, sorry. I am a fucking atheist and I don’t believe in gawd. Well, let us hold hands, sing Kumbaya and thank the flying spaghetti monster! Every god damn sperm is sacred. Yes! I am taking that from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life so bogger off and don’t sue me. I don’t think that as an American I have ever said bogger off, let alone written it. What ever.

I want to send a big shout out to the United States Supreme Court! In two wonderful rulings they, in a 5-3 ruling that really is not 5-3 but would have been 5-4 had Scalia been alive, SCOTUS shot down the Texas laws that required abortion clinics to have insane regulations to their out patient clinics. I am not a fucking journalist so look up the rulings and the laws yourself. They are all over. Hell, turn on Glenn Beck or Alex Jones and you will hear all about the evil secular and communist take over of ‘Merica because of the rulings.

Actually, the other ruling was not so much a ruling but a refusal to hear another idiotic case brought forth by stupid right wing religious dominionists. SCOTUS is not going to hear anymore of their nonsense stating that women do not have a right to birth control just because the employer is a bigoted moron who thinks that they can’t sign a stupid wavier and let the government pay for it. This is dumb and it comes down to one idiotic reason: EVERY SPERM IS SACRED.

The religious don’t care about life. I will gladly pull from George Carlin and many other people who point out that they are Pro Birth, no help from birth-eighteen, then ship them off to die in the military. They want more people to tithe. Am I over generalizing? Sure I am but remember that this is a nation that has a 70% Christian adherence. The far right wing controls a lot while at the same time they claim persecution. Their persecution claims boil down to “don’t stop me from being a bigot or else you are hurting me”.

It might seem that I am all over the board in this post. I am talking about sperm being sacred, SCOTUS overturning sexist laws in Texas and other states that attempt to regulate a woman’s right to choose what happens with her own body out of existence, not hearing a new claim from Washington about religious organization ability to deny birth control, religious persecution, pro-birth, and the list goes on. Actually it all does boil down to one simple thing, one hinge pin issue and that is the issue of who controls a woman’s (SINGULAR) body. Does she control it or does god (i.e. the state and church). All of these arguments come down to this: Does she have the right to choose her own birth control methods? Does she have the right to have insurance cover them or to be denied by a corporation who has a vested interest in having chattel pumping out new workers and tithing members? Does she have the right to have an abortion if she is not ready or comfortable having a child? The CHURCH (Not just the Catholics but almost all, including all evangelicals and fundamentals and my home cult of JWs) will tell you she has no right to the above. Some will side with a woman’s right to have birth control but none of the above support her right to an abortion and that is fucking dumb. Their argument boils down to one simple thing: EVERY SPERM IS SACRED. No it is not. If that was the case then every period a woman had would be murder and every night ejaculation a twelve year old boy had be manslaughter. All this comes down to is the religious right clawing at keeping their power and at every turn science showing that their beliefs and doctrines are stupid. Monty Python sent us a fucking prophecy!

On a side note, this is why elections have consequences. The SCOTUS vs TX was a 5-3 ruling and if Scalia was alive it would have been 5-4. That is terrible. We must have a liberal in the White House and a slightly liberal Senate. I do not want a Democratic majority in the houses, White House, and SCOTUS. That would be a one party rule and be bad. I DO want the White House to be filled by Hillary Clinton this fall because I want her to appoint the future SCOTUS vacancies. I want a slightly liberal senate to confirm a the liberal justices to SCOTUS. I do not want a liberal house. I want a slightly conservative House of Representatives because they hold the purse strings. Will I get my wishes? Doubtful. In the meantime we need to fight for feminist rights and that means holding the White House and taking back the Senate.


Every Sperm is Sacred



George Carlin


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