Hope After Donald Trump


Sylia Gray

On the late evening of November 8th and the following early morning, many of us good Americans, and perhaps the people of the world, were deeply alarmed by the incoming presidency of Donald Trump. Many of us are understandably worried, frightened, upset, angry, confused. And these emotions are natural and justifiable. We are humans.


I’m writing this message because I want to inspire hope, because we have imminent big problems that will come during the next four years under Trump administration. Sulking and crying and being angry about this 24/7 is not going to solve anything. I don’t think it’s healthy for us and will not do us any good. It’s okay if you want to take some time to grieve for this nation, because right now, that’s what I’m doing too. But at some point, we need to get back on our feet, get our act together, and do something to fight back. We’re talking four years of an impending disastrous national (and possibly global) nightmare. It will be hard. I know. But Trump’s victory is beyond any one person’s control. What can I or any one person do about it? What happened on election night has already happened. I can’t think of any way we can go back to change the outcome of this election. The only thing I can think of that we can do is go forward by not worrying about the things outside of anyone’s controls, which only leads to failure and stress. Ever since I heard the news on election night and all through the following day, I’ve been asking myself “Is there a silver lining to all of this?” What about looking for things that are within our control? Things we can do individually and collectively to cope and survive the imminent hell that’s coming? I am truly inspired by many people in our secular and LGBTQ movement. We are fortunate to have many warriors in our movement such as Callie Wright who inspires me through the activism she does to fight for her rights and the rights for all of us. I’m inspired by David Smalley, Jerry DeWitt, Bobby and Ashley Cary, Morgan Stringer, Jeremiah Traeger, Ari Stillman, Trav Mamone, Ishmael Brown, too many names to name in our community who actively support and fight for our cause, whether it’s women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, freedom of (and from) religion, equality, Humanism, etc through podcasting and social/political activism.


[Image: A worn-out American flag, where the colors have faded and the stripes are tearing apart]

The Trump administration will bring us a rough four years ahead that will undeniably challenge us over our rights and our freedom. It will feel like we’re stepping backwards. But for every one step backwards, we, as a nation, have to get our acts together and push ourselves to take two steps forward.

Donald Trump is just one man. He is not a god. He does not have god powers or any kind of super human abilities. He is just one man who happens to be rich with enormous influence and privileges, and now has executive powers. But underneath all that, he is still just one man. He may use whatever executive power he will have against us. But, I believe that the moment his administration begins, there will be powerful forces gaining strength and momentum from all over the country that will work against Trump beyond his control from day one. I refuse to be a victim of a Trump administration! We don’t have to be a victim of Trump’s administration! I want to be a part of this force! We can all be a part of this force and lend every ounce of strength we can to it to make it bigger and stronger.

For those of us who are Bernie Sanders supporters, it is truly regrettable that he did not get the nomination for president that we believe he rightfully deserves. And as a Bernie-crat myself, I have a tremendous amount of love and respect in my heart for that man for who he is, what he’s done, and what he stands for. And I want to do everything I can to keep his revolution alive. I believe his revolution is not over. Far from it! He passed the baton onto us. And now it is up to us to take that baton and finish the job that he started. As Trav Mamone says through their humorous Bernie Sanders impression on their and Morgan Stringer’s BiSkeptical podcast, this revolution truly will be bigger than Donald Trump’s small hands. And I believe that this revolution can be a BIG part of all those forces that will be at work against Donald Trump on day one of his administration. We may be defeated for now, but if we want to win in the end, we need to get ourselves back up and keeps our hopes up. Stop all infighting, set our differences aside, and come together. Division is poison to our movement and it will kill us!







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